MT 300 PTO Roller Pump

MT 300 PTO Roller Pump

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MT 300 Self-priming roller pump with 40 mm suction and 40 mm delivery connections.

Made in Italy  



Technical features:

  • Max flow rate: 300 liters / min
  • Max draft depth: 5-6 meters
  • Draft depth with bottom valve 10 meters
  • Bisense rotation
  • Power consumption: 10hp w
  • Dimensions: 25x25x25 cm Weight: 20 Kg

Cast iron pump body Rotor with nylon rollers Cast iron cover Chain for anchoring to a fixed point of the tractor
The ML and MT series pumps are the most popular pumps for agricultural activities, self-priming with rollers that are applied directly to the tractor PTO without using the cardan shaft.

Thanks to the practicality of use and maintenance, they are popular pumps all over the world for agricultural activities, such as high pressure washing operations, irrigation with or without sprinklers and in the presence of soils with high gradients, transfer and nebulization.

All models are equipped with a chain for anchoring to a fixed point on the tractor. The "MLI 25" model is equipped with a brass pressure regulation valve. For the application on the cultivators, a special adapter is available on request.

Flow rate table for FERRONI pumps:



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