Pneumatic LITTLE shear for pruning

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The LITTLE SHEAR pneumatic shear is the lightest and  most manageable scissors, thanks to the small diameter of the handle. The blades are tapered to allow the cutting of the vine shoots, in bushes and facilitating the pruning of ornamental plants. The cutting diameter is 28 mm.


The salient features of pruning with FERRONI SRL pneumatic shears are:

  • High productivity with the saving of working time;
  • Lightness with only 480 grams;
  • Quick and precise cuts on any type of wood;
  • No fatigue in the hand, thus avoiding pathologies to the user, compared to a manual scissors.



Weight: 0, 48 Kg

Cutting diameter: 28 mm

Air consumption per minute: 80 liters per minute

Press max: 10 Bar

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